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Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Choosing the right web hosting and buying from the right hosting provider has always been one of the concerns of those who want to launch a website. By providing the best quality hosting services and internet domain registration, CupCode ensures that your website is flawless.


CupCode can implement your ideas using PHP language and using the best frameworks. Building WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, launching all kinds of websites and systems using Laravel framework, one of the best PHP frameworks, is just a part of CupCode programming services.

Launching A Website

Setting up a variety of store, corporate, personal and dedicated websites is a skill we have experienced for many years. In this regard, we use the well-known WordPress content management system to provide a better result than you expected in the shortest time, at the lowest cost.


Quality content is one of the most important factors in attracting users and customers. Brochures, catalogs, web page content, and even your business card require professional content production, and CupCode with years of experience in this field can help you.

Optimization and SEO

Even if you are good at producing content, you will have less chance of being seen in comparison with your competitors without optimizing and reassuring your website. Optimization does not necessarily mean SEO, and it includes everything that needs to be done to make your content more visible to your users.


CupCode can be a great advisor in many areas for starting your digital business as well as implementing a software system, and you can use these services for free. All you have to do is contact us and get the best solution from us in any field.

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Principles to which we adhere

In fulfilling your wishes and needs, there are principles that we adhere to and believe that these are the principles that make us different.


We Are Proud of Our Past Work

So far, we have done many projects such as designing mobile applications, plugins, websites in various fields, some of which you can see in this section.


Updated Educational Articles For You

In addition to providing services, we have another mission in mind, and that is to increase the knowledge of Iranian webmasters, and therefore we will take a step in this direction with updated educational writings.

Special Offer For Business Owners

If you are planning to launch a website for your business, now you have the best offer!

Very Reasonable Price

The fee you pay for this package includes setup fee, one year web hosting and .com domain.


Although the launch of the website in this package is done using the WordPress content management system, which simplifies the management work, however, if you do not have experience in this field, you will be provided with the necessary training.


We support your website in case of any problems on your website.

For a limited time

70 USD

/Complete Package

This package contains everything that a normal corporate website needs.

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Cupcode is an online service in the field of web development by providing services as well as practical training to webmasters and dealing with web updates.

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Currently we only accept cryptocurrencies or direct deposit to the account as a payment method.




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